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mlemler.de - My Web Developer Playground

Welcome to my playground

My name is Michael Lemler, and I am a Web Developer from near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. This is my homepage, and I will use it to share some techniques, tools and know-how about Web Development.

The idea is to start with a simple version of the homepage just using some HTML and CSS and later enhance the techniques and explain why they are useful.

Version 2 - Bulma and SCSS

This is the Bulma version of my homepage. Bulma is a CSS framework providing ready-to-use frontend components. That means that you can use provided CSS classes and HTML structures to achieve common styling tasks like a Navigation Bar. It also provides good and consistent defaults for spacings and colors.

So it is possible to style a homepage without writing much CSS but only using the provided class. For this homepage I only set some colors and otherwise used the Bulma styles. This means you do not have to learn CSS to work with Bulma. But you have to learn Bulma!

My opinion is that you should know the fundamentals, and therefore CSS and most of its details. Afterwards you can look out for a framework that might help you to work faster and less repetitive. To have a look at the code and more insights just follow the link below to my GitLab Repository.

This version on GitLab


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My other great hobby is drawing cartoons build up on (german) puns and publish them weekly on my cartoon homepage named "Wache schieben" which is the name of my first cartoon.

Give it a try at: www.wacheschieben.de