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mlemler.de - My Web Developer Playground

Welcome to my playground

My name is Michael Lemler and I am a Web Developer from near Frankfurt am Main in Germany. This is my homepage, and I will use it to share some techniques, tools and know-how about Web Development.

The idea is to start with a simple version of the homepage just using some HTML and CSS and later enhance the techniques and explain why they are useful.

Version 1 - Pure HTML and CSS

This is the first version of my homepage purely written in HTML and CSS. It covers already some important and useful features like Semantic HTML Elements, the Viewport Meta Tag, Media Queries and CSS Flexbox.

If you want to find our more about those topics I encourage you to follow the GitLab-Link below, have a look at the readme file (which will directly be shown) and also look at the code in detail.

This version on GitLab